A South African Pagan in lockdown


No one knows anything, except the people that do, and they’re the same people that everyone quotes when they are talking rubbish.

There is no middle class, upper class, or lower class boundary anymore, the only thing that separates us now is the amount of food we have in our homes. #gratitude Every single person has turned into ‘know-it-alls’ and dispensing advice everywhere like paper aeroplanes in World of Warcraft – the ones that fill your bag and irritate the ____ out of you.

Well, this blog is here because I think Pagans have it a little easier on the spiritual front. We know our gods, and all gods reside with us no matter where we are. We do not need churches or holy sites to feel our spiritual connection. Sadly, churches and mosques, and all the rest are going online. Well, we have decided to create our online coven too… #stayposted. But this had nothing to do with the lockdown, and everything to do with me having some time to give back to the community.

The point of the matter is this: We have no clue what is really going on and you need to make peace with that. This is testing patience on a level that this Aries has never encountered before and I’m learning fast, it’s helping. The only truth which I have actually found is the video that I am inserting below, further than that, its human condition all round, with the politicians throwing in their own personal agenda’s and that is okay. We cannot stop them and seriously the amount of energy that will have to be expended to try is not worth it. The best thing we can do is try to help our neighbours where we can and when we can, giving solid real-time advice such as the advice I’m dispensing below, like sunscreen…

Prayer and Quiet Time.

Make time for yourself. Whether you live alone and you are working from home, or whether you are living with the entire family… set a time where everyone gets their space. Use this time to go within and connect to your spirit. This is extremely important, and you have the time to do this now. It will begin a good habit that you will crave when this lockdown is over. Talking to the divine, meditating with the divine, or even being present in the moment in stillness will leave you feeling refreshed and it works like an amazing ‘reset’ button. Try it.


The world is so insane at this very moment and laughing at yourself and at everything else really releases the endorphins and will make sure that you survive this COVID-19 lockdown. Try these two videos below to get a head start on the comedy. The second video is especially for the women whose men are driving them bonkers…

Cry and Sleep if Need be.

Stop judging yourself. You have never experienced this sort of anything before and therefore all the old rule books should be used for toilet paper instead – or really cool paper mache things… whatever. The point is, do what you feel like doing, listen to your body and your state of mind. Rest is a brilliant thing indeed, it regenerates your cells and refreshes your mind. Crying is not for sissies, its called purging under shamanic ways and purging is necessary when you are dealing with all the ‘not-so-wonderful’ things about yourself. Purging is releasing. There are many ways it happens and crying is one of the nicer ones.

Do not make plans

Don’t plan anything. Just don’t, because if you do, you are placing your faith in something else, like the government and that is not going to work, as they may decide to change their minds and send us back to level 10. So, instead try the ‘live-in-the-moment’ approach like Eckhart Tolle teaches below. WARNING: He has a tendency to speak you into a trance, but his wisdom is something to take note of.

Shower and Keep yourself in Order

Showering cleanses the body as well as the soul. Water is one of the most powerful healers on this planet. It is the reason that we are able to live on this planet. Showering, or bathing cleanses the soul and reenergises the mind and gives you a ‘fresh start’. When people with depression are taught certain triggers to alleviate depression, one of the first lessons are to take a shower and stand under the running water – even if you have already showered in the day. While we are on the topic of water, take a look at Dr. Emoto’s and others work and wisdom on water… it will astound you!

Learn to Love Yourself

One of the most powerful things you are going to encounter on this lockdown is an alienation from the marketing of the world. The only place that you will find marketing is on social media… try to leave the social media alone for a while. When we lose sight of the marketing and the sociological expectations on what we should be and what we should look like, we start to see ourselves for who and what we are. You are perfect, just the way you are. Why? Because there is no one else like you. You are a unique collection of miraculous connections that exists nowhere else. What you bring to this planet is only capable of being here through you, no one else can do what you do, how you do it, and that is why you are a perfect design. There is no blueprint for perfect, and the marketing one is there so that corporate giants keep their bank balances in check! Go to the mirror, go look at your eyes, go inspect who you are and what you are, spend time doing what you love and being you. Its the one time in your life that you can learn about who and what you are. Do you love plants? Do you like an afternoon nap? Do you really like coffee or did you only drink it to keep awake through the rat race? Who are you?

Do not touch Shadow Work during the Lockdown

Shadow work needs a guide to lead you through the darkness of who and what you are. Performing shadow work during this time if you have not studied the craft in depth, or have not spent years under apt teachers can throw you into an abyss of no return. There is no need to explain this further, just do not touch the shadow now. The vibrational frequency of the earth now is running on fear, on insecirity, on power plays, on brutality and on negativity. To dive into your own shadow now, alone, is more than reckless and can land you in serious trouble. Use this time to work on lifting your own vibrations and finding all your good qualities and harnessing them.

Leave the conspiracies and the Mayhem to the other’s.

Let go of the need to know. Know what is imperative, such as the governmental updates, but leave the conspiracies. It is good to be informed, but it is not good to get lost in the mental mayhem of the worlds many imaginations… Our minds are so powerful that we can make everything work… we can form links between whatever we wish and make them work. This is the beauty of the human condition.

I leave you with the video mentioned in the beginning of the blog… it is the only place where I can find actual evidence of COVID-19 facts and its back story. There is not much that we can do about it, but it is good to know… now go and do something that you love!

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