The Awakening – A Spiritual Perspective

lockdown Spiritual Perspectives

“Awakening is a calm, life-long process, your awareness of the awakening is the soul-shocker.”

Lockdown has impacted the globe. The isolation, the change in behavior and the restrictive aspects of this lockdown have sent shockwaves into the souls of every human being on this planet.

It is a shamanic practice, an age-old magical process of initiation to self-isolate, to go into the blue yonder and find the soul, the purpose, the voice of the void. My new book, (release date to be confirmed) speaks about this path back into the void, without the COVID aspect. This blog is about the Covid-19 shock of the soul and why this awakening process is rocking the core of all humanity regardless of the religion that they follow.

When you are cut off from your normal when you are restricted to a place, any place, the human naturally becomes more aware of its surroundings. After this, awareness flows over into the realms of spirit. The human condition loves to question and Saint John of The Cross understood this more than many of us in his book, the Dark Night of The Soul. This questioning allows us to look closer and to study ourselves, our spirit, asking questions that we never did before.

Covid-19 has isolated the people, giving them the internet as a tool to find answers for their questions… Google is not God though, and the only answers received are the perceptions of other humans. The monotheistic followers as well as many who have belonged to sects and groups have had time to themselves to ask the necessary questions and to find their own path.

The path has always been yours. It will always be. My path and your path have absolutely nothing to do with each other and I have no right over your path as you have no right over mine. As a spiritual guide with an unrelenting archetype of the holy priestess I have always sought to provide the most valuable information on spirit to the people I speak to or give class to… I have learned over the many years that awakening happens slowly, it is when we become aware of this awakening that our very core is rocked to smithereens and we are then either presented with a path and teacher without or a master within. Both have their pros and con’s and it all works like those novels we had when we could choose the next move.

Your awakening has been happening since your birth. The awakening or the opening of a new perspective is not new to your being. Synchronicity happens all the time, you have simply been to busy with the sociological structure to see the universal influence in your life or to feel the connection in your life to spirit.

Spirit is within you, you are spirit. You are made of spirit, the table, the food, the entire universe is a moving spiritual experience, constantly vibrating and changing every split second to the power of your thoughts. When you become aware it is important to take a deep breathe in and calm yourself. Go and drink a glass of water, then go to your journal (if you don’t have one you should definitely make one now), and write down everything that comes to mind… write, scribble, cry, let it out and experience the moment and the amazing beauty that comes with it. Record this awareness of your awakening into the human condition and the wisdom of understanding that you are all of it and you are none of it at the same time.

Now, life can be sorted and packaged, labeled, and experienced at will, spirit is not so simple. There is no finite definite answer or apex that you will reach, there is no race and there is no finish line. There is only this moment, your experience of it, and your impact on it. Then there is: “In the beginning was the word and THE WORD WAS GOD!” Every word that comes from your mouth has power. Every word that you utter to yourself in your mind and in your thoughts has power. You have a responsibility to be mindful of every word. This responsibility was always there but only when one experiences the moment of awareness of awakening are you ready to even begin understanding this responsibility.

Further than this, prayer incorporated into your everyday life is important. It is important to communicate with spirit. Some people paint spirit, this is their prayer, some people make music, others dance or move their bodies and this is their prayer, others go on their knees and speak in tongues, however, you choose to dedicate time to your spirit and the spirit of all is your choice. This is part of your path. This is part of your spiritual journey and the more you do it, the stronger your connection will become.

Goddess, God, Holy Spirit, Universal Architect, are synonymous, there is no difference between any of it. The way you approach it is your decision and your path. Choose wisely – this means choose what YOUR heart says is the right path. Follow you… no one else… because only you know what path is right for you.

Blessed be.

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