A personal note to humanity.

Spiritual Perspectives

The crisis is boxed in pretty wrappers flashing on your tech, the crisis is buried underneath your own financial crisis and household mismanagement, the crisis has been twisted and turned, it has been shoved down the throats of those whom you see as unlike you… but you are part of the crisis, because this is your country, your people, your world.”

We believe that people are different because of their social status, ascribed or aquired. This is absolute rubbish. No human is different from any other human being. The social structure makes you believe that you are though, it forces separation, it forces a race against time and against your fellow being.

This blog will mention and touch on those subjects that we are warned never to speak about or rather to leave alone… but really… if I say my say, maybe your say will be said and the people will stand up to speak.

Remember this is only my perspective, you are entitled to your own.

The spirit of this country is stronger than we know, but so is the fear. The problem with society is that not every single person knows what it feels like not to have a home and running water, not to have food and to have to beg for life. The problem with this country is that we have no equality whatsoever. In the bottom of the pit the people who help you are those who have felt the suffering as well. They will never be rich because they will never keep everything to themselves.

Poverty is the core problem of everything. Why are the people in the townships, in the townships? Because they were born into poverty… this is their ascribed status. The South African government and those in power will never provide anything that will see them suffer as well. They will never suffer… unless the people of South Africa stand up and begin to voice their opinions. The joke about the entire social structure that we have evolved into is that there are a handful of people controlling millions… what would happen if the millions agreed with each other? Do you think the government would have even a single morsel of food left? I want no one to suffer, when we built PESA, which we have unfortunately lost because of the COVID crisis, I envisioned a real-world solution to bring the people from the bottom of the pit into the middle of society and then the middle into the top, doing away with the bottom… the problem is education… social structures keep the people dumb. Money buys knowledge and power and ensures that the majority of humanity stays where it is deemed to belong… as the poverty-stricken.

The people in power give lengthy speeches about how they will keep women and children safe, how they are feeding people and giving out 1 million food parcels – fuck off… you just fed 1 million people for 1 day… and you look like heroes. The other nonsensical mind blowing nonsense is that the middle class and the top dogs who may have some heart do nothing because they will lose what they have earned… the ones with their own agendas have their perceptions stuck on how to rob everyone including their own people. South Africa is a crippled country. We have people who feed off racism and pain, hatred and death… we have fearful able bodied people stuck in dead end 8 – 5’s whose hearts wish they could change the world but whose pockets need their full attention.

We have religions that separate us, race that seperates us, gender that seperates us, our own belief systems and votes that seperate us… unity is an illusion that they want you to believe in, because the way that everything is structured, unity cannot possibly occur… ever and this is what they want.

The wounds of this earth, nevermind this country, are too deep… childhood wounds, deep spiritual rifts of hatred, desolation, pain, and torment. Laughter is momentary, depression is clinically fixed by dumbing you down with the medication that they prescribe. The people are riding out their lives, social media taking your time, whilst you believe the lies… there are so so so many. Money separates us. We separate us.

Truths about South Africa and Life that I have come to find…

  • We have the strongest people I have come to know in this nation.
  • We are a people united through pain but separated by it at the same time.
  • Our government is mixed with those who care, those who are still filled with hatred and remorse, those who wish you to perish, those who only have their best interests at heart, and those who are just following orders.
  • There are lions and their baby lions, there are no sheep. Sheep are cowards, the soul is not naturally a coward, it is taught cowardice by the system.
  • Give a human the opportunity and the light and they will fight for it. Problem is, every human has a different picture of the light.
  • The Great Spirit is real. Humans have forgotten about their connection with spirit, different names do not change the essence of spirit.
  • We are a deeply emotional nation.

Facts that need to change in each person.

  • You need to start thinking for yourself.
  • You need to stop listening to the hype and more to your neighbour.
  • Pray, regardless of the path you follow, get on your knees and worship the spirit within and the creator of life.
  • Fight for what you believe in, make damn sure that what you believe in will not hurt anyone.
  • Stop causing pain to others. There is no race against anyone but yourself and death…
  • Do one kind thing every day.
  • Watch your words, they have power to heal or to kill.
  • Spend time with your children. Guide them to love, not to hate, instil in them wisdom and a love of the earth.
  • Do what makes your heart feel good. Not your ego.
  • Ego is necessary but balance it and never trample another person.
  • Your perception is your perception, just as mine is mine, neither of us are right in the greater scheme of things no one has any darn idea where the universe originated or what the smallest particle really is. In fact… we really no nothing besides this very moment.
  • Watch comedy and laugh, but watch the news sometimes and understand the people outside your walls need you too.
  • Stop ripping each other a new one… start healing, stop killing. Death happens in many ways, the way you speak can kill someone… so again, watch your tongue.
  • Wake the hell up and learn that you are controlled because you allow it… use the system to heal the world, dont allow the system to use you to its own benefit.
  • Stand up for your fellow human being instead of putting them down.
  • Kindness begets kindness… The Great Spirit, The Holy Spirit, Goddess, Allah, Jehovah… it is all the same spirit, and it knows your heart.
  • Hold your faith high, but know your faith is your faith.
  • Just because something was written a thousand years ago, does not make it God’s word… read with an open heart…

A vital note to all those who dare to place walls…

The bible is a guide written by man, so is the Torah, so is the Talmud, so is the Qur’an, so is the Witches Bible, so is every other written manuscript including the Nag Hammadi texts, catch a wake-up… God lives within you not within your books or your church, synagogue, mosque, temple, or your places of worship unless you wish for that. When people discriminate because they are following a text or they are following another being, it shows ignorance and absolute faithlessness in the Great Spirit. No human deserves pain, torture, hunger or to be discriminated against unless they have committed a crime against humanity… in this case, they have gone too far to be helped and assisted and just like a dog that bites a human must be put down, so our prisons must hold the offenders from humanity. No human may put another to death, but it is our responsibility to protect our people, sometimes, even from themselves.

On a last note… the love of the Great Spirit is seen on earth and each one of you have it within you… let us work together to bring this love from spirit back into our people… use your gifts for the betterment of the people… and you will always be blessed.

Blessed be.

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